ARFF Solutions specializes in solving problems associated with

  • Compliance with ICAO RFFS standards and recommendations
  • Compliance with FAA FAR Part 139 Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) regulations
  • Compliance with NFPA ARFF codes
  • ARFF vehicle procurement
  • Airport Emergency Plan (AEP)
  • FAA ARFF exercise critique and evaluation
  • Airport ARFF personnel safety and training​
  • Airport emergency response and disaster preparedness

As air traffic continues to increase, let  ARFF Solutions help you assure that your aircraft rescue fire fighting resources are ready to effectively and efficiently respond to airport emergencies.


Work Experience

  • 36 years working in ARFF  - Including 30 years with Los Angeles World Airports and 4 years with the United States Air Force.


  • Graduate of California State University Long Beach, California (CSULB) with Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Studies/Emergency Services Administration.

California State Certification

  • Fire Officer I
  • Fire Arson Investigator I
  • Fire Prevention Officer I
  • Fire Training Instructor
  • ARFF Instructor (CA Fire Control 5) 
  • ​HAZMAT/DECON First Responder

American Association of Airport Executives/ARFFWG Certification

  • American Association of Airport Executives - AAAE/ARFFWG Airport  Fire Officer (A.F.O.)

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

  • Secretary-NFPA Aviation Section Board of Directors (Disestablished 2012).
  • Principal  Technical Committee Member-NFPA 410-Standard for Aviation Maintenance and Operations.
  • Principal  ARFF Technical Committee Member- NFPA 402, 403, 405, 408, 412, 414, 422,  and 424.


  • US FAA certificated Private Pilot Single Engine Land (SEL) with Instrument rating.


  • National Fire Protection Association - NFPA
  • ARFF Working Group